LUBCARE™ is a lubricant monitoring program to offer accurate analysis results and operating advantages together with cost benefits, positively affecting the total lubrication running expenses of a fleet or a vessel.

Benefits of the program

Benefits of the lubricant and bunker monitoring program include:

  • Lubricant oil life optimization for your vessel
  • Forecasting of your engine maintenance requirements
  • Equipment’s life extension
  • Minimizing the risk of malfunctions
  • Reduced capital costs for new equipment

Lubcare Analyses

LUBCARE™  analyses are held at independent laboratories that are ISO certified.

Technical Support

BALUCO’s technical support department provides  LUBCARE™ customers with a professional response service 24 hours a day. Our in-house staff of certified chemical engineers is at your disposal to cover your marine lubricants and bunker fuel analysis needs.

BALUCO is able to consult and provide:

  • On-board lubricants test kits, for fast and on the spot-checking of uses lubricants
  • In cooperation with the major lubricants suppliers we can provide lubrication charts and if necessary on board lubricant surveys.
  • Identification of unused lubricant to check if it meets the ordered quality at reasonable cost.

Lubcare Contact

Helpdesk email: (Lubcare)
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