Greek Shipowners advise IMO to ensure future-fuel compatibility


London-based Greek shipowners have urged the IMO to bring together oil companies, marine equipment makers and classification societies to guarantee fuels created to comply with 2020 environmental rules do not damage engines and cause accidents.

Mainly, Haralambos Fafalios, Chairman at the Greek Shipping Cooperation Committee, highlighted the need for a sufficient supply of good quality fuel is more important in comparison to other matters as whether to fix exhaust scrubbers.He, additionally, quoted that

We strongly urge the IMO to bring together the main stake holders in this area to guarantee the new fuel will be fit for purpose.

Moreover, Mr Fafalios reported that there’s the question whether by 2020 there will be enough low sulphur fuel available.

Also, he discussed on whether the future low sulphur available will be compatible with today’s marine propulsion systems, continuing whether the changeover will take place with the minimum possible damage to engines, ships and the environment in case of ships being disabled due to incompatible fuels.

In addition, Mr Fafalios supports UK’s goal to remain the leading maritime centre, after the Brexit.

In the meantime, he reffered to the US and China trade, noting that the possibility of failed trade between the two countries, would result to economy disruption.

In conclusion, the Chairman focused on the importance of the human factor in shipping, urging the Greek government to invest more in maritime education.