Gazpromneft Ocean lubricant gets WinGD approval


The lubricants business of Gazprom Neft, Gazpromneft-Lubricants has announced that it has received official approval from Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) for the use of its Gazpromneft Ocean CCL 100 HSF marine lubricants with the manufacturer’s engines.

“Gazpromneft-Lubricants got the official approval of Winterthur Gas & Diesel for Gazpromneft Ocean CCL 100 HSF marine lubricants – the cylinder oil for two-stroke engines operating on fuels with a high sulfur content,” said a press release from the company.

Today the Gazpromneft Ocean product portfolio, approved by Winterthur Gas & Diesel, includes four items: Gazpromneft Ocean CSO 7, Gazpromneft Ocean CCL 17 ULSF, Gazpromneft Ocean CCL 70 and Gazpromneft Ocean CCL 100 HSF.

These products are designed for lubrication of two-stroke low-speed engines operating on fuels with different sulfur content. The approval allows the use of Gazpromneft Ocean lubricants in the wide range of marine engines manufactured by WinGD, Wärtsila and Sulzer.

Previously, lubricating oil satisfactorily completed 4,000 hours validation test on-board the vessel Hong Kong Spirit, fitted with Wärtsila 7RT-flex82T engine.

Roman Miroshnichenko, Branch Director (Marine Lubricants), Gazpromneft-Lubricants said: “The marine engine is an extremely complicated mechanism that requires the high quality of fuels and lubricants.

We produce Gazpromneft Ocean marine oils by the unique formulation based on advanced high-tech base oils and additives. Our products are developed involving the leading manufacturers of marine engines, and the trust of Winterthur Gas&Diesel is another proof of the reliability and quality of our lubricants.”