Cyprus’ shipping ready for Brexit


Cyprus has prepared an emergency plan of action in the event of a hard Brexit even though it is being kept at low profile – at least as far at political level.

Technocrats, however, assure that they are ready to push the button to implement this plan and this includes those at the Deputy Ministry of Shipping since Brexit means that the UK will be considered a third country in accordance with EU rules and regulations.

Insiders at the Deputy Ministry have said that emergency measures should be in place to counter the impact of Brexit on the island’s shipping industry since EU authorities cannot undertake each and every member country’s specific responsibilities. For example, each party involved is responsible for the prompt request of every new license or certificate that will be required.

Subject to any transitional arrangements likely to be included in a possible agreed withdrawal deal, the EU rules on maritime transport will no longer apply to the United Kingdom from the departure date.

As far as maritime safety is concerned, the UK’s departure will not affect the recognition of organisations carrying out ship safety evaluations. However, the UK will no longer be able to participate in the evaluations.

At the same time, while the EU-27 member states will continue to inspect UK ships calling at their ports, the state inspection system of the port of origin will no longer apply in the United Kingdom. In addition, member states will be required to carry out inspections of UK-flagged ships similar to those applied to third countries, in an effort to verify that the condition of the ship and its equipment meets the requirements of international conventions and that a ship is staffed and operates in accordance with international law.