BALUCO, established in 2001, is one of the world’s leading consulting & trading companies providing marine bunkers, lubricants and technical services to the global marine industry.

Our Vision

Striving to make our company the best Marine Bunkers & Lubricants Consultants and our customers top priority.

Since 2004 BALUCO LTD. has been awarded with ISO CERTIFICATION which is presently monitored by ABS as regards BALUCO’s compliance with industry norms, terms and conditions and fulfillment of all standards of stable and continuous improvement and quality.

Based on the experience of our management, BALUCO’s qualified team handles the daily business in the bunkers and lubricants sector from our Glyfada and Cyprus offices.

Our Mission

BALUCO is at the forefront of paving the way to sustainable maritime solutions.

Specializing in marine bunkers and lubricants, our unwavering commitment to the global shipping market drives us to deliver exceptional services consistently on a global scale.

With a deep-rooted dedication to sustainability, we aim to transform the shipping industry by offering innovative and eco-friendly solutions. Each of our services is meticulously tailored to the unique requirements of our clients, reflecting our commitment to personalized, sustainable approaches.

Drawing on the expertise of our talented professionals and our deep industry insights, we provide streamlined experiences that meet our customers’ specific needs and contribute to a greener future. Our focus on sustainable solutions aligns with the evolving needs of our clients and the growing demand for eco-conscious operations.

With an ever-changing and expanding demand for energy, we rise to the occasion by proactively exploring novel possibilities and providing groundbreaking services and products to address these challenges.

Customer service

Through our co-operation our customers will enjoy:

  • High-quality services
  • Specialized market knowledge
  • Fast, reliable and professional communication
  • Staff that is available 24/7/365
  • Competitive prices
  • Full technical support
  • Reliable and on time deliveries

Our network

BALUCO has created a vast network of major & local suppliers throughout the world, thus can successfully support prompt unpredictable fleet needs in any main and secondary port at the most competitive price levels. We cooperate with state-owned oil companies, all the majors and international independent suppliers with great abilities in their local ports. With tailor-made services and monitoring of our customers’ needs, we are in position to provide prompt solutions and full products’ coverage all around the world.

Through our customized services and diligent customer needs monitoring, we are well-equipped to deliver swift solutions and comprehensive product coverage across the globe. Over the years, our enduring relationships have been the cornerstone of our success, earning BALUCO a reputation as a reliable guarantee for excellent cooperation and exceeding expectations.

Throughout our journey, we have built enduring relationships with our clients, partners, and suppliers, serving as a synonym for credibility in the maritime industry. Our name, BALUCO, is a trusted guarantee of excellence and reliability, instilling confidence in our clients that we will consistently deliver beyond their highest expectations. With each interaction, we strive to reinforce our status as the go-to choice for personalized solutions, unwavering support, and a commitment to making every maritime venture a resounding success.

Glyfada Office