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Underwriting decarbonisation: Financing key to steer shipping towards a green future


As it becomes increasingly clear that greenhouse-gas emissions must be drastically cut over the next 30 years in order to save the planet’s climate as we know it,1 there is a growing realisation that the transition to net zero needs transformational change from all industries.

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LNG Becoming the Most Important Shipping Market of 2022


The LNG tanker market is expected to ride the existing “wave” of increased demand throughout the second half of the year. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Intermodal said that “amid Europe’s effort to cut its dependence on Russian gas, LNG has currently become the most geopolitically important fuel. 

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Bunker quality – do bunker suppliers have charterers over a barrel?


Charterer’s obligation to provide bunkers in compliance with charterparty specification. Time charterers supplying vessels with bunker fuel oil need to ensure that they meet the contractual specifications set out in the charterparty. This may include a general obligation to provide bunkers fit for purpose and suitable for burning in the main and auxiliary engines.

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China’s COVID-19 Outbreak Introduces New Implications for the Shipping Markets


China’s lockdowns in Shanghai is expected to have a significant impact in the global supply chains and the tanker markets, especially when seen in tandme with everything else that’s been going on in the world’s economy today.

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War in Ukraine will hurt growth in all shipping segments.


Though much uncertainty remains, the immediate commodity price increases and supply challenges caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine are likely to be felt throughout 2022. Also, recently implemented sanctions on Russia are not likely to be lifted any time soon. This may have sustained spill-over impact on the global economy.

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Smells like sustainability: Harnessing ammonia as ship fuel


It smells pungent and if a mere 0.5 per cent of the air you breath consists of it, it will kill you. And yet ammonia is being heralded as one of the best zero-carbon fuel options for deep-sea shipping in particular.In this article we will highlight some of the central questions that need to be answered before ammonia-fuelled ships can hit the water, including the supply, sustainability, engine technology and the necessary safety considerations.

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