BALUCO  is one of the world’s leading consulting & trading companies providing marine bunkers, lubricants and technical services to the global marine industry. Our experienced personnel and established relations with reputable bunkers & lubricants suppliers, allow us to offer an outstanding service level in this sensitive sector of the vessel’s needs.

In the Bunkers sector, our customers have the following benefits

  • Reliable product quality, precise quantity and on time delivery
  • Fast reliable service and co-operation with our staff that is available 24/7/365
  • Competitive prices
  • Technical support

In the Technical Support sector

BALUCO will provide full technical support, regular sampling analysis, interpretation of the results, flexibility and the support that our customers need. In a quest to cover our esteemed customers’ vessels with an outstanding technical support, we have formed the LUBCARE™ monitoring system, based on the used fuel sampling analysis.

This unique product diversifies BALUCO from competition and place the company at a leading position worldwide.

Extensive Network

At BALUCO, we maintain an extensive network of bunkers suppliers all over the world. Therefore, we can successfully support your fleet needs at any main or secondary port. The bunkers suppliers that we cooperate with, have been closely monitored and screened from our procurement department in terms of offered service, quality of the products & proper quantities supplied.

We are able to fulfill the requirements of your fleet on a spot basis through well-known bunkers suppliers (such as Repsol™, Cepsa™, TOTAL™, Chevron™, Petrobras™) but also through a large number of local and regional reliable bunkers suppliers. Therefore, we can find stock in areas that are not always covered by the conventional networks of major suppliers.

Standards & Classification of bunkers

  • MGO (Marine gas oil) – fuel oil made from distillate only
  • MDO (Marine diesel oil) – A blend of gasoil and heavy fuel oil
  • HFO (Heavy fuel oil) – Pure or nearly pure residual oil
  • VLSFO (Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil) fuel with a sulphur content not exceeding 0.50% S.
  • ULSFO (Ultra Low Sulphur Fuel Oil) fuel with a sulphur content not exceeding 0.10% S.
  • BIOFUEL types of biodiesel used for shipping: fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) or hydro-treated vegetable oils (HVO).

Delivery Methods

  • Deliveries by barge
  • Deliveries by RTWs
  • The transportation modes fulfill all the prerequisites for safety, environmental and operational procedures

ECA Regulations

By January 1st 2015, all vessels sailing in the Sulphur oxide Emission Controlled Areas (ECA) [Baltic Sea, North Sea, North American & United States Caribbean Sea] will be required to use a fuel with a Sulphur content limited to 0.10% m/m, or alternatively an approved equivalent method (e.g. exhaust gas cleaning systems).

Vessels prior to entry into ECA will typically have to complete a full fuel changeover from high Sulphur residual fuel (max 3.5% m/m) to a low Sulphur fuel with maximum Sulphur content of 0.10% m/m. In most cases, it will imply the use of distillate fuels.

* The information is for indication purposes only. BALUCO assumes no responsibility for any change/use of above specifications.