Financiers worry that 2020 sulphur cap will increase freight rates


Ahead of the 2020 sulphur cap, Seabury Maritime notes that the new emissions standards will increase freight rates. In particular, the shipping industry does not have a standard for fuel-surcharges computation, while the costs of low-sulphur fuel are only rough estimates and do not provide a clear picture.

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Maritime autonomous surface ships – identifying and covering the risks


The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) recognises that autonomy is a ‘spectrum’ yet, for the purposes of examining regulatory changes, it has defined a MASS as a ship which, to a varying degree, can operate independent of human interaction.In this article we look at unmanned ships – either remotely controlled or fully autonomous.

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First phase of market test for Greek floating LNG terminal completed


The first phase of the Market Test for the reservation of regasification capacity at the floating LNG Terminal in Alexandroupolis, being developed by the Greek Gastrade, was completed with success on 31 December 2018.

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Ships’ Scrapping Activity Picks Up As More Ships Were Sold for Demolition


Reports have started to emerge that demand is coming back in the ships’ recycling markets, which could alert more ship owners towards offloading their older units.

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International Ice Patrol starts operations, informing for icebergs


The Coast Guard International Ice Patrol announced that it's starting operations for the 2019 ice season as from February 5, 2019 and will resume production of the North American Ice Service (NAIS) daily iceberg warning products from its operations center in New London, Connecticut.

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VLCC Owners Holding Out For Further Rate Increases


Things are heating up in the crude tanker market, with VLCCs reaping the benefits so far. In its latest weekly report, shipbroker Charles R. Weber said that “last week’s influx of USG inquiry buoyed rates across the globe on the VLCC sector, as eastbound rates from the region approached year-to-date highs.

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